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Nubis is at the edge of Cloud App Development. The company has created an innovative cloud platform for managing data in a whole new way. Nubis Cloud Platform, changes the way business and web site content is stored and managed. This new management system allows you to create functionality through an easy-to-use UI, keeping the need for programming to a minimum. Nubis is using cutting-edge technology like .NET WebAPI, MVC4 and HTML5 and high-availiability architecture on AZURE to deliver premium SaaS for your Business.


Managing your business has never been easier! Using leading-edge web technologies, Nubis has developed an innovative cloud application suite for processing, analyzing and communicating company information. ERP functionality is offered through a pay-as-you-go web service with an easy, modern interface. Expensive ERP licensing and maintenance are now a thing of the past! For IT professionals the further development of functions and modules has been accelerated through object management to keep programming to a minimum.

  • We Know Your Business Is Unique!

    Work through a sharp, modern, adaptive UI and choose your favorite theme or just create your own!

  • Create your own KPI Dashboard

    You can easily create your own KPI dasboard with unlimited KPI's in it or Group them by category!


  • No Installation Needed
  • Just Login and get full functionality from anywhere

  • Reduse Costs by 60%
  • Server-less environment, Pay-as-you-go SaaS model, NO Licences and NO Release fees 

  • Business on the go
  • Adaptive UX for all smartphones and tablets

  • Fully Customizable and extendible
  • Use our codeless development visual enviroment (Nubis Cloud Engine) and create new functionality (Menus, Forms, Transactions etc). Optionally upload your branded custom module and sell it through our marketplace. You can also buy as many modules from Nubis Marketplace and create your own tailor-made solution 

  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Nubis runs on latest Microsoft .Net framework using WEBAPI and MVC4

  • Your data are safe with us
  • Nubis has integrated best security practices, on top of Azure ultra-secure environment. Your company data are completely isolated and secure

  • Extended BI Dashboard
  • Create infinate KPI's and Graph's through our user friendly drag-n-drop BI interface

  • Build-in CMS and e-Commerce Functionality
  • Nubis includes an easy-to-use Content Management System, that allow you to easily deploy and manage Portals and e-Commerce sites

  • Document Management
  • Manage your files on the cloud, with Nubis Document Management module

  • Social Media Connector
  • Collaborate with and manage your social media data

Running on Nubis


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The Nubis Cloud Engine™ is at the heart of all our cloud applications. Choose it as your starting product and enhance your experience by adding modules from the Nubis Marketplace. Advanced users and IT professionals can also build their own modules and applications with no programming needed - simply using the Nubis Cloud Engine™ visual tools! Build your own modules and upload them effortlessly to the Nubis Marketplace, license-free or under your license.


The Nubis Cloud ERP™ builds on the Nubis Cloud Engine™ with extensive ERP functionality to simplify company operations. Processes like Customer Listing, Offering, Invoicing, Stock Analysis, Ledgers, Purchasing and Supplier Management are easy to run through our modern user interface. The in-built Business Intelligence tools make reporting fast, visual and stress-free!Features can be further extended with modules from the Nubis Marketplace!

Choose your starting product and enhance your experience by incorporating modules from our module store OR.. Create your module and upload it to the module store effortlessly, license free or under license


Nubis Cloud ERP™ and Nubis Cloud Engine™ are designed to allow to work from all available devices, no installation needed! You'll get the same User Experience (UX) from any device on the market!


Nubis Products are cross-browser compatible. IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera, it doesn't matter you choose your preferred browser and we'll enhance your productivity


Our adaptive interface, understands your tablets size and resizes every time you login


Keep your company with you, at all times. You can use our products from any smartphone!


Run our products through your favorite browser on any PC


Nubis ERP - Invoices

Easily create a new invoice, add a new customer and a new product from the same screen.

Nubis ERP - KPI

KPI's functionalities, live thumbnails previews, customization.

Nubis ERP - Calendar

With the embeded calendar you can easily have a consolidated view of your time.

Nubis Users and VARs (Value Added Resellers) have access to a wide gallery of bilingual voice guided videos that represent almost every functionality in all Nubis Products, keeping the need for support and training to a minimum...

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Nubis Cloud ERP allow businesses to manage all the company's operations from a single point in the cloud. From customer relations to invoicing and from sophisticated BI to the company's Website content, you'll find all the functionality you need in this cloud application.

  • 30€ per user per month
  • Customers - Sales
  • Suppliers - Purchases
  • Warehouse management
  • Ledger management
  • Extreme Multilingual Functionality
  • Enhanced Reporting and BI (Business Intelligence) tools


Nubis Enterprise is the perfect solution for large-scale enterprises seeking to minimize their costs through an extremely flexible solution.

  • Enterprise Licensing
  • Cloud or On-premise
  • Large-scale modules (ERP, CDI, metaBI)
  • Custom Solutions
  • Amazing intergration with 3rd party software


Nubis Cloud Engine is the easiest way to create your own cloud application. You can also use modules from the module store or you can upload your solution to our module store!

  • 20€ per user per month
  • Hosted
  • Full platform functionality
  • Full BI functionality
  • Up to 70 Users
  • Any Device
  • START WITH Cloud Engine

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